Operating a Business in the Small Business Space

Chapter I Introduction
Chapter II The Small Business Space
Chapter III The Customer
Chapter IV Structure and Management
Chapter V Partnerships & Family Businesses
Chapter VI Employment
Chapter VII Financial Management
Chapter VIII The Start-Up
Chapter IX The Marketing Circle
Chapter X Social Relevance of Small Businesses


For over 50 years I have operated my own small businesses. Thirty-five years ago I moved to Vermont and became involved with small business education. This became a challenge that I have pursued ever since. I founded, and was executive director of the Vermont Small Business Network for 15 years. During this time I developed the concepts and practices that I applied in my own business and describe in this book. I also explored how best to introduce and teach these fundamental practices so relevant to the operation of small businesses once they are identified as a separate species differing from the ‘big business” model taught in standard business courses. With the arrival of the Internet and World Wide Web, these explorations led to the development of inexpensive, online training modules now offered by the Vermont Small Business Training Center, a small business that a colleague and I recently cofounded.

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